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Telemed Health HDHP's CEO and Founder, Albert Sheppard
Albert Sheppard
CEO and Founder
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The Corporation
Global Trade Route, Inc.
The Corporation was established in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It began as a Senior Project – a requirement for the Technology Management/Biomedical Enginineering Bachelor of Science degree at DeVry University in Fremont California – and continued to develop as its business plans, marketing plans, strategies, and project planning were created in Keller Graduate School of Management. GTR, Inc. is a corporation that was built on the preexisting structure of Global Media & Communications, a ten year old sole proprietorship, owned by founder. Prior business assets were transferred into the new corporation from Global's operations.

Business Biography of Albert V. Sheppard
Albert is the founder, CEO and President of Global Trade Route, Inc. (GTR, Inc.) After completing an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems (2009), he is attending medical school (2012) to obtain the MD and the medical core skills and credentials to build a global health network.

Albert is driven by the dual motivation to move his business into the ever advancing realms of technology and to make a significant lasting contribution to society. In addition, he has been interested in medicine, physiology, anatomy, psychology, technology, film, and world cultures since he was a child but only recently realized his need and discovered an opportunity to pursue this in a substantial manner; and to join the efforts to advance medical science to contribute to the well being of people and society overall. Motivation and effort alone was not enough. After numerous personal achievements and successes in life, he is currently obsessed with overcoming his only failures building a globally successful business. To accomplish this goal, he returned to university full-time and spent February 2005 through 2008 pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management/Biomedical Engineering at DeVry University in Fremont California. Along with these studies, he also included additional studies in Programming, Networking, Simulations, and Electronics Engineering.

When Barack Obama emerged as a Presidential candidate, Albert was obsessed with helping the campaign. It was an opportunity to directly affect the highest level policies on medical care, bio-medical, telemedicine/telehealth, technology solutions to American and world problems, veteran's affairs, world affairs, and poverty abatement. He was appointed a “Fellow” by the Field Campaign; and he re-located to Iowa (where it all started for Barack) and worked in the role of an “Organizer” at the grass roots level. Albert has contributed time and policy ideas and strategies to the Obama campaign; and he has been one of the small financial contributors. Further, he hopes to contribute to medical care, bio-medical, telemedicine/telehealth, and technology solutions to American and world problems, veteran's affairs, world affairs, and poverty abatement though his leadership in GTR.

Previously, Albert was CEO/President and sole proprietor of other businesses. He gained much of his business skills and experience as a business analyst for George S. May Company, a international business consulting company. In this capacity, he traveled to many western states to turn-around struggling businesses in diverse industries. After objectively analyzing a company's operations, he specified the programs to be developed and installed to allow the business owners to cut or control costs and to increase productivity, revenue, and profitability. He would then install a contract project team to implement the changes necessary to set the business on the correct path to efficiency and success. Subsequently he created Standard Ventures, his own consulting business, to help businesses in the start up/introduction stage or the growth stage of development. He has also owned and operated businesses in Internet Service (www.WWInternet1.net created in 1998) – website design, hosting and dialup access, top level domain name registrations); graphics design; printing; mailing house; telemarketing (business to business and business to consumer); and invented, manufactured, and sold a cement mixer truck safety part under the brand name Chute Cover.

Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he held distribution and buying positions as a mid-level manager, in major department store chains in the Bay Area of California and Atlanta Georgia at department stores owned by Macy's, Federated and Carter Hawley Hale. During that time, he played a major role as a Projects Manager in merging stores and opening new department stores. Albert moved to California when Emporium Capwell's Department store recruited and hired him as general manager to manage a 295,000 sq. ft. distribution center with multiple subordinate managers, over 250 employees and a fleet of delivery trucks.

Albert entered the business world after giving service to the country in the United States Marine Corps. He was promoted from his enlistment rank of Private (E-1); to Private First Class/ PFC (E-2); to Lance Corporal (E-3); and to the Corporal (E-4) in less than a year. After completing training as an aircraft electrician, a board of reviewing officers gave him a “recommended highly” rating to attend Officer's Candidate School (OCS) at Quantico Virginia, where he subsequently finished as Honor Man and was promoted to Second Lieutenant. In less than four years of active duty service, he was promoted from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (0-1), to 1st Lieutenant (0-2), to Captain (0-3), and received many combat medals (including the Navy Commendation, Combat V, and Purple Heart), letters of commendations, the Meritorious Merit Award, and an honorable discharge.

Albert is a native of Wilmington Delaware, where he previously attended Delaware State University and majored in Psychology and was student government president, before volunteering for military service; but he has lived in California for many years and made the Bay Area his home and base of business operations.

He has traveled extensively within the United States and to France, Ukraine, Sweden, Mexico, and the Caribbean. He can speak some French, Spanish, Russian and extensive Swedish. He is single without children but would like to have a family. He is an avid jogger, dancer and has been teaching Salsa and multiple Latin dances for over nine years. He loves the California sea coast and the year-round moderate weather and is considers it home.

Albert believes that the sum total of all his skills, experience, education, motivation, and leadership uniquely prepared him for the task ahead — to lead GTR and its subsidiary corporations ; and to contribute to the advancements in the selected industries and their products and their services to the mutual benefit of the business and the good of society in the United States and the world.

The Staff
Business and Technical Staff
Innovation, creative design (mechanical, electronic, video, writing, game and simulation), development, sales, and distribution are in-house operations. Manufacturing is contracted to high quality contract manufacturing firms in accordance with FDA specifications. Network and telemedical project teams are formed based on specific skills required for the equipment, the network installation and the training, packages, agreements in accordance with all applicable laws and guidelines including HIPAA, HL7, Dicom, Pacs, and other relevant protocols.

Organizational Chart for Global Trade Route.Com, Inc.
Organizational Chart for Global Trade Route.Com, Inc.

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Albert V. Sheppard, “It is now that we need to create World Wide Telemedicine, Telehealth, Virtual Care, Distance Learning medical solutions to democratize and equalize healthcare access, to eliminate suffering, improve the quality of life, and to brighten lives.”